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Breast Cancer forms in tissues of the breast, usually the ducts (tubes that carry milk to the nipple) and lobules (glands that make milk). It occurs in both men and women, although male breast cancer is rare.

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Breast Cancer Research ranges from epidemiology, molecular bioscience to performance of clinical trials to evaluate and compare applications of various cancer treatment. These applications include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy - hormone therapy, combined treatment modalities - chemo-radiotherapy.

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Starting in mid-1990s, emphasis in clinical breast cancer research shifted towards therapies derived from biotechnology research: immunotherapy and gene therapy.

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HEALTH BRIEFS: Breast cancer support Aug. 6 - nwitimes.com

HEALTH BRIEFS: Breast cancer support Aug. 6
VALPARAISO | Porter Regional Hospital will host a support group for Hope & Healing, geared for people coping with breast cancer, whether newly diagnosed or a long-term survivor. The group offers emotional support, information, education and guest ...

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Botched Patient and Breast Cancer Survivor Uses Her Struggle to Inspire Others ... - E! Online

E! Online

Botched Patient and Breast Cancer Survivor Uses Her Struggle to Inspire Others ...
E! Online
In the above deleted scene, breast cancer survivor and Botched patient Cynthia attends a breast cancer event in honor of actress Suki Avery, with her husband and best friend. The event is filled with strong, amazing women in similar situations and all ...

Why Breast Cancer Patients Should Be Big Losers - Medscape


Why Breast Cancer Patients Should Be Big Losers
Many studies have examined the relationship between obesity and breast cancer outcomes; past reviews have concluded that obesity is linked to lower survival.[1-3] The current authors conducted a meta-analysis of 82 published studies to explore the ...

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Shoptimist: Breast cancer screenings - Roanoke Times (blog)

Shoptimist: Breast cancer screenings
Roanoke Times (blog)
The National Cancer Institute says that having a “high-quality screening mammogram and having a clinical breast exam on a regular basis are the most effective ways to detect breast cancer early.” An encouraging statistic from the Food and Drug ...
Twenty years free of breast cancerPort Lincoln Times
Clark: 'Self-breast exams are so important'Neosho Daily News
How breast screenings can save your lifeEdinburgh Evening News
The Athens Messenger
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Inflammatory breast cancer rare but aggressive, often lethal - Leesville Daily Leader


Inflammatory breast cancer rare but aggressive, often lethal
Leesville Daily Leader
Given the disease's relative rarity, people with inflammatory breast cancer are encouraged to enroll in clinical trials in which new treatments are being tested simply to take any advantage such medicine or techniques may offer in conjunction with ...
Up to Par: Golf Classic aims to raise $50000 for breast cancerWaterloo Cedar Falls Courier
Check Up: Study finds breast cancer stages need revisionPhilly.com

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Night light lowers efficacy of breast cancer drug tamoxifen - Tech Times

Tech Times

Night light lowers efficacy of breast cancer drug tamoxifen
Tech Times
A study by researchers from Tulane University reveals that breast cancer treatment may be more effective when paired with sleeping in total darkness. Melatonin, a hormone produced in the pineal gland as a response mechanism to darkness, on its own can ...
Sleep, Light and Breast CancerKTVN
Total Darkness at Night Essential to Breast Cancer Therapy, StudyUniversity Herald
Dark nights are important for combating breast cancerDaily Digest
International Business Times AU -Science a Gogo -eMaxHealth
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Botched Before and After: Breast Cancer Survivor, Boob Implant Headache and ... - E! Online

E! Online

Botched Before and After: Breast Cancer Survivor, Boob Implant Headache and ...
E! Online
On this Sunday's episode of Botched, a cancer survivor gets her wish granted, a man gets a breast implant lodged in his skull and we meet a woman whose face was destroyed by a horse. The first person we met was personal trainer Mike, who has an eleven ...
Meet the Woman with the Collapsible BreastPeople Magazine
'Botched' TV Show: Breast Cancer Survivor Gets A Symmetrical Surgery In ...Enstarz
Botched Season 1, Episode 6 Recap: Patient Gets a Breast Implant on the Back ...RealSelf.com (blog)

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Golf tournament benefits breast cancer - WTVA

Golf tournament benefits breast cancer
"You would be surprised by how many people have breast cancer," Tournament Director John Armstrong said. "Not only women, but men, too, have breast cancer. In my family, my mom had breast cancer so its important for me to do whatever I can to help this ...

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The Wrong Approach to Breast Cancer - New York Times

New York Times

The Wrong Approach to Breast Cancer
New York Times
BERKELEY, Calif. — ONE of the nastier aspects of breast cancer is that it doesn't have the five-year sell-by date of some other malignancies: you're not considered “cured” until you die of something else. Although it becomes less likely, the disease ...

Breast cancer: One-shot therapy gets NHS nod - BBC News

BBC News

Breast cancer: One-shot therapy gets NHS nod
BBC News
A pioneering breast cancer treatment that replaces weeks of radiotherapy with a single, targeted shot is set to be offered on the NHS. The dose of radiation is delivered from inside the breast, once a tumour has been removed in surgery. It would ...
Breast cancer drug is most effective when patients sleep in total darkness ...The Times-Picayune
Night light exposure could make breast cancer tumors tamoxifen resistantMedical News Today
Study: Light Vs. Dark Could Play Role In Breast Cancer TeatmentsCBS Local
Nature World News -Guardian Liberty Voice -EurekAlert (press release)
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